Soft Serve Ice Cream

Our soft-serve can only be described as divine, or as one happy customer says: “Your soft serve is like eating a creamy vanilla soft cloud”.
Why is our soft serve so good? Because it’s made from real milk and low fat cream. That simple.
No tricks. No animal fat and definitely NO pig fat.
Many competitors boast of creamy ice cream but after you try our soft serve you will never look elsewhere again.
Also our soft serve machines are the real deal...not some cheap copy. They are Italian soft serve machines made in the same Italian factory as the machines found in the original ice cream vans.
We don’t cut corners when it comes to our soft serve... Don’t take our word for it... Try one!
Gelati - Sorbet (Nut, Dairy and Fat Free)

Our Gelati is made according to our unique family recipe. Traditional and refreshing. Made to a strict Italian process our Gelato is non-aerated meaning its full of flavour and the smoothest texture. Fresh fruit, some pure mineral water and little bit of help along the way to make it an amazing tasting Gelato.
Choose from: Chocolate, Orange, Banana, Blueberry, Strawberry , Lime, Lemon
Hot Dogs

Pre-order hotdogs for any event. We use only the highest quality hot dogs. We also work with a local bakery to provide bread made on the day fresh for you. Our hot dogs are guaranteed to impress!
Hot Jam Donuts

Freshly made on site our donuts are sure to please. Great for a breakfast work function or just for a snack at your special event. You can pre order the quantity required.